"These days, its more like a ghost town around here."

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"These days, its more like a ghost town around here."

Post  Kamau on Thu May 28, 2009 1:49 am

Has anyone played Revenant? Its a little on the simple side but its really long and I really got into it. That is, before my game glitched and i had no way to continue. I stepped on a switch that was supposed to activate a cutscene and use a key to open a door. Well, I didn't have the key but the cutscene still activated (it was one time thing) and I'm essentially stuck behind a door I can't open.

Here is a review for it:

They gave it a B-, which I agree with in terms of awesomeness. But its a totally fun game, I would totally recommend it if you have hours and hours to burn, or even if you prefer to just play a bit at a time.

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